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Authority In Two Worlds
Throughout the Bible, scriptures reveal the existence of two worlds – the spirit world and the physical world. Of these two worlds, the spirit world is the most powerful. Since mankind is a spirit being living in a physical body, we are the only beings granted access to live in both worlds. In this series, Pastor Crayton will help you understand how to live successfully in both worlds according to God’s plan.
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Bible Principles for Answered Prayer
In this series, Pastor Crayton lays out the Biblical principles behind answered prayers.
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Effective Prayer
There is incredible power and potential in prayer. Through prayer, we invite our Heavenly Father into situations in our lives. Through prayer, we can reach our full potential in Christ. “Prayer changes things, but even more important, prayer changes us.” In this series of lessons, Pastor Crayton will help explain the principle and processes of an effective prayer life.
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For A Time Like This
In this lesson series, Minister Terron Sumpter explains how we should be prepared, purposed, and positioned with the word of God to deal with challenges that face us in everyday life.
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Fruits Of The Spirit
In this lesson series, Pastor Crayton explains the principles behind the "Fruits Of The Spirit" (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control) and how they all work together to make us more Christ-like if we truly subscribe to them.
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Is It Time For A Physical?
In this lesson, Minister Donald Coleman poses the question of whether or not we are in need of a Spiritual checkup to ensure that our faith in God is still functioning properly.
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Recapturing The Vision
Vision helps us live life to the fullest. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Vision is what gives us hope. Vision gives us direction, Vision gives us the clarity to see things as they truly are, and Vision gives us purpose. As you reflect on your life through this series, you will start to see some common threads or patterns, ways God has shaped you for your unique purpose.
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Rise And Rebuild
In this lesson, Minister Christopher Crayton takes a deep dive into the book of Nehemiah to see how the love of God has the power to uplift and restore us from life's most difficult situations if we have faith.
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Steadfast In The Lord
In this second lesson, Pastor Crayton teaches us more about the true meaning of being Steadfast In The Lord. To be steadfast and unmovable is to be spiritually grounded. A steadfast person knows what he believes and cannot be “tossed back and forth by the waves and blown here and there by every wind of teaching.” The unmovable person can hear false teaching, engage doubters, and defend the truth without shaking their faith. We are sure that the contents of this message will bless you.
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The Basis For Our Victory
In this lesson series, First Lady Crayton lays out the Biblical principles of why we Christians have the ultimate victory in Jesus Christ.
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The Place Of God
The Lord has chosen to dwell not in tents, houses, nor anything made by the hands of man. It is the hidden center of man's being that God has made His dwelling place. It is such a private, intimate place, a place of peace and full of Joy.
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Those Little Foxes
This series of lessons focus on those seemingly insignificant things that can cause gross damage in and to our lives. Those Little Foxes can cause the greatest harm to our walk with Christ if we fail to put them in check.
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Time & Season For Transformation
In this series of teaching, Dr. Crayton explains the difference between time and season. He shares how seasons in our lives bring transformation the necessary process for Christian adulthood.
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Worshipping God Through Our Praise
In this lesson, Assistant Pastor Dennis Anthony details how our corporate praise is one of the best ways to truly worship God.
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